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BOKVICA – it's a cure for both men and women

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In addition to male and female ankle, having the most healing properties, there are another 20 species

The buckwax grows all around us, and there is little known about it, for example, that there are two types: male and female. Menus (Plantago minor) is a permanent plant with ground, narrow, bare leaves. They call it a small skull, a trumpet.

At the top of the plant there is a flower class of green-brown color. The healing part is the root, the leaves before flowering, and the seed after the ripening. Although both ankles are considered to be extremely effective, some experts favor male.

Sirup for Kids

Ingredients in it help with diseases of the dissecting organs. It is particularly suitable for children because it is delicious, especially when it is sweet with honey. Tea leaves are as hot as possible.

The freshly soaked leaves are used as a lining in the place of insect bites, or wounds that are difficult to fertilize. Juice from fresh leaves is applied to the wound, stops bleeding and accelerates healing, prevents inflammation and relieves pain. Also, the leaflet cools and rest your legs after a lot of effort.

And the female broadshift (Plantago Maior) is a permanent plant, but with rose-shaped leaves. They are jolly shaped, while the flower stems are upright and round with a long flowering class on top. In the people, it is known as a crap, a pitha and a large ankle, a broad trumpet.

Most of the leaves are used for healing, as long as the plant blooms and drains in thin layers in a cold and ventilated place, and the root is taken all year long.

The herb is effective in treating wounds and sores as it prevents inflammation. It is also used as a cough remedy, and it also helps with bladder disease, stomach ulcer and twin bowel gut.

Cure for the Early

Bokvica is often mentioned in traditional medicine as a means to treat hemorrhoids, skin diseases, stop bleeding, suppress vaginal infections.

It is especially a great natural remedy to look at the wounds, as it stimulates the regeneration of the tissue and thus healing. Shrunken leaf leaves can help treat open wounds caused by thrombosis and the treatment of bee bites and insect bites.

Since it has the power to alleviate inflammatory processes on the skin, sometimes the ankle has often been used for treating acne. For the same reason it was used to treat hemorrhoids.


This plant has a high content of mucus and therefore has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines, so it is important to know that from its fresh young leaves it can make a very tasty salad that contains Vitamin C and provitamin A.

From the freshly crumbled leaves and the juice to be obtained, it is a true cure for the same illness, which is also assisted by a male ankle. Any wound or cuts that suddenly occur during their stay in nature can successfully heal.

In addition to male and female skulls, having the most healing properties, there are another 200 species of ankle. I can fight and use fear without being poisonous or harmful. There are many recipes on the use of ankles, most often using an elixir, then green juice and tea.

Plant Elixir

People with stomach ulcers and twin-bowel hips recommend an elixir of the ankle. It is prepared by mixing 500 g of fresh and well-fed leaflets on the meat machine or in the blender.

Shredded leaves and juice mix with a kilogram of honey and 50 g of crushed propolis resins. The contents are well mixed and left to stand for three days, occasionally mixed with a wooden or plastic hay.

After three days, the elixir is taken three times a day for one scoop (exclusively wood or plastic to avoid oxidation), ten minutes before the meal. It is recommended for diseases of respiratory organs, bronchitis and pneumonia. It's also great for smokers.

Green Juice

The juice of the skeleton is prepared by removing 200 g of the leaflet with 100 g of gooseberries, butterflies and decorators. The contents are pressed through a clean linen cloth, then dried and then heated with foam, which is collected on the surface.

Two large honey pots are added, and the contents are re-cooked until thick. When it is cooled, it sips into the bottles, and if it does not break, a glass of brandy is added to each bottle. Before use, mix with warm water, half-pole.

“Pouring” tea

In bronchitis, pulmonary and bronchial asthma is very effective in making the tea prepared in the following way: in cold water pour lemongrass (if the lemon is spotted, then without the crust) and full teaspoon of brown sugar, let it cool, let it four to five times the lace, remove it from the fire and add a full teaspoon of dry leaf lice. Let it take half a minute. Each time the tea is primer fresh and the drink is swallowed by siphon as hot as possible.

Bokvica in old books

From ancient times in folk medicine, it is often referred to as a skeleton serum recipe that treats “all the pain of breathing”, and the way of preparation is not standard.

To prepare boxwood sin a 5 l jar of 5 mt jar of 3 cm of crushed fresh leaves and sprinkle with brown sugar in an amount of 1 cm in order to repeat the staple process until the jar is filled. The cake must be left side by side for one night and will be supplemented in the morning if the leaves are loose. When the jar is filled in the garden, the holes are excavated and the lid of the jar is wetted with the wax. The beaker is then put into the excavated hole and covers the boards, stones and earth to be fully covered and a visible mark is placed in place to be later found. is released from the soil after 3 months, so the serum obtained is boiled and crushed. So prepared serum is the strongest drug against all throat and lung diseases.


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