Nedjelja, August 25

You're getting a cake

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A cake is certainly one of the most famous in the world. It was made by a hungarian herbalist with the aim of finding ingredients that would be able to stay for two weeks without being spoiled. Did it fail I do not know, because we do not have two bottoms, not two weeks. Pretty experience needs to be done because of the rather thin bumps. I like to squirm and say that with a cake is a nerve break. My husband is very fond of and that's why I do, otherwise, if I ask, I would not be too tired but thank you. Maybe this time my bowels fell thicker because the eggs were large so I could not cut them, but when you do it, make sure you stretch out what you are.

Baking ingredients

    18 eggs
    18 sugars of sugar
    18 flour of flour


      12 eggs
      10 sugars of sugar
      200 gr dark chocolate
      500 gr butter
      100 g of powdered sugar


        300 g of sugar
        1/2 cups of water


        Reply 3 eggs. I baked in a large bark of 3 eggs, 3 sugar cans and 3 flours of flour.

        First, we make a pan, and add sugar, and shake the sugar to dissolve, and then pour the egg yolks and finally the flour into a pan or a spoon.

        In the fertilizer, I place baking paper from the ridge and warm the rennet to 200 degrees.

        Using a spatula, I squeeze it thinly and put it in place. Each bark is baked approximately between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the sour, but are finished when the edges begin to be as red – brown.

        Take out the paper and put another paper. Handle the paper before you put it slightly, brush it with one teaspoon of oil everywhere, then squeeze the paper.

        Remove the paper from the crust of the crust. I put the cloth between the bark, not accidentally.

        So peel 6 bunnies per 3 eggs, cling to each other, dab the middle and cut it, you get 12 fantastic baskets.

        Umutite the belaca with sugar, then the stew and put on the steam to take the picture. it'll take you 30 minutes for this shot.

        Remove from fire and add the chopped chocolate and mix to dissolve then completely cool.

        Soak butter with powdered sugar so add a chilled fil and mix it.

        Before filming, choose the finest bark that will go with the odds.

        Pour the bark so that you put 3 cups of spice on each and spread it.

        And on the 11th place, but on the 12th no.

        Place 1/2 cups of water in the bowl and sprinkle the filler so that the water goes to the edges of the shank, and then put sugar.

        Dissolve it in medium heat. When it is melted, put the bark you chose on a baking paper or something that you will throw away, then stain the dregs of sugar, so that the first coat is poured out into the bark and as soon as the spruce expands. then count up to 10, then pour flat and thin knife through the margarine and make the first line if the sugar is softer and you can not wait to wait another 5 seconds and then the sugar should be cooled enough to pull the line, each travel through the margarine, and do not bother with it and it's not too tight.

        When you pull the lines, let it cool down, then cut the sugar that has been mashing and put the cake on the cake.

        Decorate the row.

        The cake must be standing 24 hours before serving, but not in the fridge, most of the storage.


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