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Eton Mess: A sweet mess that you will without a doubt "clean up"

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Eton Mess is one of the oldest British dezerters who served on the Eton College cricket match against the Harrow School. It is made of strawberry or banana with cream and with the addition of pepper and fruit syrup. The name got its look, with this tide it is worth the worse.


    3 whites

    175 g of sugar

    500 ml of cream for whipped cream

    2 cups of powdered sugar

    500 g cherries


    Heat the oven to 140 degrees. In the bowl, swirl the protein and gradually add the sugar until fully united and no solid snow is obtained.
    Squeeze off the resulting proteins from the pastry bag into two large baking pans on the baking sheet covered with greasy paper. Bake them for about one hour at 140 degrees, and when they are finished turn off the oven and let some sprouts in it cool.
    In the second bowl mixer, rinse cream for cream and powdered sugar.
    Cut the chips and cut them off. Slightly less than half of the cherry blend with a stick mixer, optionally adding a bit of rum.
    Defuse the cooled sponges. Place the dessert in a bowl, then start with broken puddles, then whipped cream, cherry sauce, and more spinach, several fresh cherries and repeat the deboned bushes. Finish the dessert with whipped cream and, of course, cherries on top. To the slumber!


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