Nedjelja, August 25

Crusty dessert: Paul's winter cake with strawberries and mandarins

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Pavlova is one of the most beloved pussy beats. Originally from Australia, dedicated to Russian ballet dancer Ani Pavlovo, she perfectly reflects her art and appearance. Gentle, white, light, prepared from meringue, fruit and spaghetti.

Ingredients :

    4 whites

    a pinch of salt

    210 g of sugar

    1 teaspoon of starch flour

    1 lettuce soup, eg mushroom

    1/2 nara (rod)

    fist of purified pistachios

    a handful of candied mandarin or other fruit as desired

    400 ml cream for whipped cream

    1 vanilla extract pie


    Heat the oven to 180 degrees, and put the large fertilizer on baking paper.
    Swallow the protein from salt in a solid snow, then add a little bit of sugar and mix at the highest speed until all the sugar is removed and you get a great shave. Try two fingers of little šuma and if you no longer feel sugar crystals – that's it. Reduce the mixer to the slowest and add starch and cheese.
    Place the shavings of the shawl on the fertilizer using a hay and shape it as desired – for example in a plain full circle or a crown.
    Reduce the temperature in the oven to 130 degrees with a fan or 140 degrees without a fan and bake for one hour or until it is possible to separate it from baking paper. Maybe it'll pop a little bit, but that's quite normal. Open the oven and cool in the open oven. Carefully remove the paper and move it to the plate. It is best to move it with the paper and then extract the paper from the tray part by piece.
    In the meantime, squeeze cream into whipped cream and add vanilla in the end. Make sure you do not overturn the whipped cream to keep it tight.
    Clean the nuts and dry the fruit on a paper towel to avoid dampening.
    Choose some more fruit and dignify. Place a cream on a cold bark and sprinkle with fruit. Chill and serve the same day or latest by going. If you are using the next day, try to protect yourself from moisture as much as possible because the bark loves to pull the moisture away and will no longer be as crunchy.


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