Nedjelja, August 25

Suggestion for New Year's Eve: A rich tasting of telet will crash you from your leg

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Holiday season is ideal for trying out special dishes, rich flavors, and beautiful decorations. Emotional euphoria is felt alike in salty and sweet dishes, but also in hot drinks. This juicy veal with its flavor “will tear you off your feet.”

The recipe is enough for four people, and the required ingredients are:

    4 veal cake
    4 slices of soft cheese
    4 slices of ham
    2 eggs
    150 g prezle
    pepper and sunflower oil
    mustard as desired

    Preparation Mode:

    Place the jar between the two plastic foil, squeeze the meat and place it on the desktop. Sprinkle and chop on every needle, if desired, apply a thin layer of mustard. Run on a slice of ham and soft cheese, grind and fasten with wooden toothpicks.

    Cut the ends so that the cutters have the proper shape. Shake the eggs in the deep, soak up and beat. Roll the dough first into the eggs, then roll in the broth and bake in teflon with little oil. Occasionally turn them off from all sides. Finally, wrap them in the ointment for 10 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees. When done, remove the toothpicks, cut the meat on thin slices and serve until it is hot.

    You can serve with french fries, roasted potatoes or pies.

    Big quantities of unhealthy fat will end up in the form of fatty tissue, and our body will not get all the vitamins, minerals and fibers it needs. If you love breakfast eggs, it would be best to combine them and combine them with the kettle and tea.


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