Nedjelja, August 25

You're packing with eggs

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Sataraš with eggs is the dish that I usually prepare for dinner during the summer season. A little peppers, tomatoes, onions and eggs and hours of work. Fine, light, refreshing, seasoned with egg proteins so that we do not get hungry fast. The combinations that you can make with peppers are varied, so during the flight we can really use it in a lot of ways and find the ones we love the most. You can also add a finely chopped ham, bacon, sausage, smoked neck or roast to this tomato, and add to this meal and make it even more tasty.

Ingredients for 2 people:

    1 head of the onion
    1 tbsp dry spice
    50 ml of oil
    3 baby peppers
    3 tomatoes
    5 eggs
    little salt and pepper

    How to prepare eggplant:
    Cut the bow to small cubes.

    Add half a glass of water to the port, all the oil and a spoonful of dry spices.

    Put on a stronger fire to get a dish.

    Dust until the water evaporates, and the arc became glassy, ​​almost dormant.

    If it is necessary to add more water.

    Add hot water to the cooking process not to interrupt.

    While the dough is dried, peppercorns and seeds are then cut into dice.

    When the onion is softened and almost dated, add the chopped pepper completely and half a glass of water.

    Let the pepper and onion dissolve together for about 20 minutes, if the water evaporates a little more.

    While the onions and peppers rinse with tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes to break the skin and then take it off with a knife.

    Cut the tomatoes and after 20 minutes, add the chopped tomato and some salt to the pepper.

    If it is necessary to put a little water (again hot).

    Leave it all together for about 15 minutes in the middle heat.

    When satarash is ready to “hit” the eggs, then let it bake so “on the eye” on the satara or all together to get rid of it, as you wish.

    If you bake “on the eye” then you should prepare a dish in a shrimp that does not adhere to, because while the eggs are not baking, you will not blot to mix, but just shake the sherpa.

    Sataraš to serve it warm.



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